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My Mini Stories

That we may remember.

Excerpt from the book about life during German occupation:

It was my job to make deliveries of government papers throughout the Netherlands for the price control department. To do that, I used the train system for transportation to go to the designated cities. I was not afraid for my life because I did not think about the reality of the war, and I trusted the safety of the train system in The Netherlands. I was wrong.

German soldiers were always shooting at the trains. They did that to prevent the trains from arriving on time to their destinations. Once I was on the Dutch train that was delivering food to Germany. The train was dirty and overfilled with many men and few women. At one of the train stops, German soldiers boarded unexpectedly and shouted at us to disembark immediately. We were to stay overnight at the train station, where we heard that the Allies were unexpectedly shooting at the train. But fortunately, the train was only impaired and not destroyed. The next day, we could embark and continue 120 kilometres further on to Deventer (my home town).

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That we may remember. – Sibylla – One Story At A Time
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