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My Mini Stories


When was the last time you read about someone who had entertained thoughtful stories of his or her life? Did he or she inspire you? Did they bring up memories of your relationships or of some good people whom you met? Or did these stories brighten the events of your daily life?

Sibylla, One Story At A Time tells of young dreams of a woman that turn into reality before and after marrying the love of her life. She shares personal memories from her storied childhood and teenage life to adulthood and continuing to her golden years.

You may ask yourself, how did she ever get the idea of teaching her children how to hitchhike? And how did she learn to trust society, that society would not take advantage of children so young, travelling in fearless spirits in Toronto? The answer lies in her experience travelling through postwar Germany, most of the time relying on the necessity of hitchhiking while working with the British Army.

How did this brave woman sleep at night, fearing waking up to an unsafe condition the following morning when working in postwar Germany? How could she face an unwelcome event if tragedy had struck her family members?

I urge you to read about these stories and more in my recently published book about my mother’s memoirs. You will be thrilled to discover her insightful stories!

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Inspiration – Sibylla – One Story At A Time
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