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My Mini Stories


When was the last time you read about someone who had entertained thoughtful stories of his or her life? Did he or she inspire you? Did they bring up memories of your relationships or of some good people whom you met? Or did these stories brighten the events of your daily life? Sibylla, One Story…

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Book Launch News

What a beautiful sunny cool spring day for my book launch on June 11, 2022 at Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd. I thank my family for all the support that they have given to make an incredibly successful day. And I thank all those who attended my presentation, received their signed book and a Mandevilla plant…

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Book Testimonials

I would love your feedback if you have read my book. Please leave your comment below! The book tells of an adventurous, gregarious, intelligent woman and her hardships, joys and family. Sibylla was born in 1918 in Deventer, the Netherlands. Her spirit of independence and hard work helped her survive WW11 by pursuing many jobs…

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